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  1. Nice plug-in. Just installed it, and like it very much. My sites are now easily read using PDA browsers.

    Of course, there’s some trade-offs, we cannot see the themes as well as all the stuffs in the sidebar, such as the blogroll and shoutbox…

  2. Tanpa pakai plugin pun agaknya sudah bagus. Saya pakai E398, upgrade firmwire sendiri, pasang Opera Mini 2.0. (Hampir) semua site bisa dibuka dengan bagus dan cepat.

  3. @3: No offense, tapi web dikau tampak kacau di Xphone-ku. Perlu CSS yang lebih sederhana untuk layar kecil, sambil tetap bisa mempertahankan kepribadian di ‘layar lebar’. Kalau dapat solusi lagi, share ke kite lagi yee.

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