Revoking ISOC-ID

From: James M Galvin
To: Teddy Purwadi
Cc: David McAuley; Fred Baker; Lynn St.Amour; Nelson Sanchez
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 2:11 AM
Subject: Re: regarding issues with ISOC Indonesia

Dear Purwadi,

As you see below, I asked you on August 18th to reply with a detailed plan to fairly address the issues that have been raised with respect generally to the management of the ISOC Indonesian Chapter. I gave you two weeks to reply and obviously I have waited an additional period but I have not received any reply from you.

We respect all that you have done to form and run a chapter for ISOC. But with that effort comes the responsibility to manage the chapter in an open and fair way for all members. You must afford members who feel they have a grievance with the chapter a fair way to be heard and to have that grievance considered. It is not up to ISOC to specify these procedures but we do have a right, which we insist upon, to have such mechanism available to members.

In light of your not having replied, it is my intent to revoke the Internet Society Charter from ISOC Indonesia effective at 23:59 local time in Jakarta on Tuesday, October 18th, unless I receive from you a detailed plan as described in my e-mail below of August
18th. I will be the sole judge of whether any plan or correspondence you submit is sufficient to meet these requirements and I will be happy to respond before then to suggestions you might have for such a plan. But the burden is on you to do it and to
finish it by that time. There has been some delay and I will not further delay this. If this revocation takes place you must then cease and desist using the Internet Society and ISOC Chapter name, logo and other proprietary materials and you should inform your
members of such action. We also will inform your members of such action should it occur.

We regret this but those members who have a grievance are entitled to be heard and given a fair chance to seek redress.

Jim Galvin
Internet Society
VP Chapters

Well, mudah2an TAP nggak berkelit yang nggak-nggak lagi. Biarlah ISOC Chapter Indonesia dicabut. Mudah2an kemudian dapat dibangun lagi oleh orang2 yang punya moral dan tanggung jawab.