Joke kiriman Bang Ary

In a New York park, a young boy was attacked by a savage dog. A passer by happened to see that and came to the rescue.
Having tackled the dog, he strangled it to death.

A reporter for the New York Times was watching all this and took snap shots for a front page picture in the next days paper. Approaching our hero he says: “Your heroic feat shall be published in tomorrow’s paper under the headline – Brave New Yorker
rescues boy

“I’m not from New York” replied our brave hero.

“Oh in that case we’ll change the headline – Brave American rescues boy from savage dog.”

“I’m not American either” replied our brave hero.

On being asked about who he really is, our hero replied “I’m an Indonesian”.

Well the next day the headline on the front page of The New York Times said:
Muslim Fundamentalist strangles dog to death in New York park. FBI investigating possible link to al-Qaeda.”

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