Mail dari Khaldoun (yang suka ditulis di site ini tahun lalu), hari ini:

The situation here in my country is extremely difficult. No one can imagine
the tragedy we live daily unless experience that personally. Believe me,
what pushes young Palestinians to kill themselves and other people is not
inherited desire to kill. NO. It is a matter of deep level of frustration
culminated inside the Palestinians as a result of the Israeli continuous
evil deeds against us. Israel is keeping the occupation to our country,
committing illegal confiscation of lands, detaining thousands of people,
continuously humiliating people here, impose blockades, etc. And this is all
by using latest state of the art weaponry and always backed by the super
power, US. But, Palestinians will never be compelled, we will continue our
struggle till this cruel occupation is vanished.

I’m sorry that I involved you in this hassle. but don’t believe that your
friend Khaldoun or any of the Palestinians could be a terrorist. We, The
Palestinians, are calling for comprehensive peace based on justice that
brings security and prosperity for both Palestinian and Israeli people.

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